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Presentations and conference papers


Problem Displacement or Diffusion of Benefit? (ppt. 24MB)

Aston Pride NDC: Taking a holistic approach to crime/working with young people/mainstreaming (ppt. 21MB)

IDEAL - Bristol NDC presentation (doc. 62KB)

Applying Environmental Criminology to reduce crime and fear of crime (ppt. 6MB)

Delivering safer neighbourhoods: lessons from the NDC programme (ppt. 888KB)

Experiences of the Youth Inclusion programme: Neighbourhood renewal and youth crime (ppt. 56KB)

YJB Practice and Performance Directorate: Neighbourhod Renewal and Youth Crime (ppt. 135KB)

Working in Partnership to Reduce Youth Crime and Anti Social Behaviour (ppt. 36KB)

Youth Crime and NDC: Key findings from Phase 1 of the National Evaluation (ppt. 80KB)

Workshop A: Measuring crime and the fear of crime, Case study: New Cross Gate NDC (ppt. 503KB)


Inclusion and Reducing NEETs in West Middlesbrough (ppt. 17,588KB)

Measuring Impact in Walsall's New Deal Area (Turning Evidence into Strategy) (ppt. 1,337KB)

Delivering the Deal? Success, Solutions, Systems & Sustainability (ppt. 97KB)

Tracking and Monitoring Educational Impact in Burngreave NDC (ppt. 2,015KB)

What have we learned? Issues and interventions? (ppt. 136KB)


Demonstrating effective neighbourhood delivery, North Fulham NDC (ppt. 4822KB)

Community Links: Reaching Families (COFFS) Programme, Aston Pride NDC (ppt. 8743KB)

Delivering New Deal for Communities for Braunstone, Leicester
(ppt. 872KB)

Healthy Living Centres Evaluation: Overview of programme and its evaluation (ppt. 518KB)

NDCs and Health: Overview of Phase 1 (ppt. 169KB)

Review of Health Inequalities at the local level (ppt. 3MB)

Workshop C: Measuring Impact in Health, Case study: North Fulham NDC (ppt. 136KB)

Evaluating Complex Health Programmes (ppt. 246KB)

Newcastle Futures: Linking Delivery to Strategy (ppt. 571KB)

Neighbourhood Health Development: The Castle Vale Experience (ppt. 2MB)

Understanding and addressing health needs in deprived neighbourhoods (ppt. 1MB)

Housing and the Physical Environment

Coventry Masterplanning visit - Coventry NDC Presentation (pdf. 10,657KB)

Housing and NDCs: Key findings from Phase 1 of the National Evaluation (ppt. 355KB)

Devising and Delivering Masterplanning at Neighbourhood Level: Some Lessons from the NDC Programme (ppt. 707KB)


Workshop D: Understanding Worklessness data, Case study: Clapham Park NDC (ppt. 321KB)


Recognising the Limits to Community-based Regeneration (pdf. 50KB) What is the value of the community-based partnership approach?Lessons from the New Deal for Communities and beyond (pdf. 37KB)

Searching for the impact of involvement (ppt. 579KB)


New Deal for Communities: The National Evaluation: Interim Assessment 2005 and Phase 2
(ppt. 542KB)

Workshop B: Maximising the use of PMF reviews within NDCS, Case Study: Nottingham NDC (ppt. 551KB)


Household Survey 2006 (ppt. 1MB)

National data – local knowledge: Using administrative data (ppt. 14713KB)


Succession planning guidance - A future for 39 communities (ppt. 206KB)

Delivering Succession Strategies - Some lessons from the NDC programme (ppt. 1MB)

Succession in Bradford NDC - Bradford Trident (ppt. 516KB)

Aligning community engagement structures - Salford NDC (ppt. 786KB)

Supporting thematic delivery mainstreaming through LAAs - Leicester NDC (ppt. 339KB)

Building Influence Through a Community Land Trust - Plymouth NDC (ppt. 674KB)

Using assets to support communities - Doncaster NDC (ppt. 968KB)

Managing transition - Newcastle NDC (ppt. 476KB)

Developing new relationships between NDCs and local authorities - EC1 NDC
(ppt. 711KB)

Learning the lessons and presenting the evidence - Kensington NDC (ppt. 4MB)

Prioritising Actions the Final Years - South Kilburn NDC (ppt. 61KB)

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